Before contacting our support, you may want to check the information categories below to see if we have a FAQ that could be of use. Many aspects of our services are already covered here in detail, with step by step instructions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

– Who are you? Where are you from?
We are HackersForHire Group. Member of our group are young professionals in information technology, at some universities in England, France, Italy, Japan, Australia, Canada, Brasilia and at United States of America.

– What services do you provide?
We can hack ANY EMAIL password for you. Our service is reliable, secure and worldwide for a competitive price.

– Is there any tool available to hack passwords?
Yes there is. But we are not giving it to anyone.

– How long does it takes to hack a password?
Each account is different and hacking time may vary. On average, it takes about 2 to 5 days, but in some scenarios it may take anywhere from 4 hours to 30 days or more depending the difficulty of the hacking of the account.

– How can I trust that we really have the password?
We will always give you solid proofs. The proof can be anything ranging from screenshots to screencasts, you can decide what kind proof you require.

– Will the person know that his/her email has been hacked?
No, we will provide you with the original password. This means the current active password on the account. Your target will not realize that she/he has been hacked.

– Do I have to give you my own password?
No. Any online service which requires you to leave your password is simply trying to scam you out of access to your own account.

– How will I know you really have the password?
We will always provide you the proofs of the account. which are mostly convincing.

– Since you have the password anyway, will you just give it to me?
NO. Do not waste your time or ours. We will not just give the password until full payment is made – no exceptions are made.

– Will you recover more than one password? Can I request more than one email account?
Of course, but a separate request has to be filled out for each account.

Do you reset or change the current password?
No. We do not try to guess the current password or the secret question’s answer, we do not change their password. We give you only the Original password, which the victim is currently using.

– Can I use any email address for requesting your service?
Yes. We really do not care which email account you will use to contact us. But this email account should be valid. If not, we can not send you the confirmation email.

– How long will my request remain valid?
There is NO certain time limit. We will continue the job until the password is hacked.

– Can I cancel the service at any time?
Yes. You can always cancel your request at any time.

– Who uses the hack Yahoo or email password service?
You! And anyone else who wants to recover a password, anyone who is desperate to verify his or her relationships, or anyone who needs certain information in any email account.

– With what kind of money can I pay you for service?
We can only accept US Dollar, Euros and Sterling Pound. We will not accept other currencies.

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